for desperately ill patients who need immediate access to experimental medicines

To make experimental medicines available to patients who have exhausted all options for treatment and clinical trials, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) offers an expanded access (compassionate use) program. However, the process for approval can be cumbersome and costly. As a result, patients often face yet another delay at the worst possible time.

WCGF seeks to give these patients another chance by:

  • Helping them learn about the approval process to obtain experimental medicines
  • Making it easier for them to gain access to experimental medicines by streamlining IRB procedures for review of expanded access requests.

We work closely with government officials, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and others involved in drug development to make information about experimental drugs more available to physicians and patients. We also partner with pharmaceutical companies and government agencies to streamline the approval process.

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For more information on expanded access:

For treating physicians:

  • Your role in the expanded access process.