for research professionals

We believe that education plays a key role in creating and sustaining the necessary infrastructure for high-quality, ethical research. That, in turn, will result in new knowledge, including treatments that can improve quality of life for individuals worldwide.

WCGF works with partners in industry, government, and patient groups to identify and address gaps in research ethics and education. Together we are elevating and professionalizing research training to help ensure that clinical trials are conducted ethically, safely, and in a manner that places patients first.

Our education-related goals include but are not limited to:

  • Developing the next generation of leaders in research ethics.
  • Equipping research professionals to improve IRBs.
  • Sharing knowledge and best practices throughout the research enterprise.
  • Standardizing processes for informed consent, IRB recordkeeping, and other critical IRB functions.
  • Bolstering efforts to create global standards for research ethics and protections.
  • Streamlining IRB review procedures for expanded access
  • Advancing high-quality ethical research.
  • Helping treating physicians navigate the expanded access process.

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