The evolution of gene therapy for rare disease patients

(The following guest post is from Andrew McFadyen, who recently joined the Clinical Research Pathways Board of Directors.) Hope is here, if only we can access it The evolution of gene therapy for rare disease patients Patients and families affected by rare diseases define hope in a very different way from the dictionary. We are [...]

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Patients’ Guide to Clinical Trials and Expanded Access

When someone is diagnosed with a serious or life-threatening illness and they have exhausted standard treatments, it's important to know that there are still options. Two important options are clinical trials and expanded access to experimental products. At Clinical Research Pathways, our role is to help individuals learn about clinical trials and help guide them [...]

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Clinical Research Pathways & Morehouse School of Medicine partner to ‘get new quality medicines to all Americans’

Clinical trials can open doors to promising new treatments for patients with chronic or serious medical conditions. Yet for many segments of the public—including minorities, women, and the elderly—these doors remain closed because patients are either unaware of trials or are not invited to participate. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration reports that African [...]

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Want to try an experimental medicine? Stick with FDA’s expanded access program

On May 30, President Trump signed federal right-to-try legislation, providing another pathway for desperately ill patients who want to try experimental medicines. The legislation leaves in place the existing Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expanded access/compassionate use program. As a result, patients and physicians now have two options for accessing investigational treatments for single-patient treatment [...]

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Introducing Clinical Research Pathways

This week we announced that WCG Foundation is now Clinical Research Pathways. This new name better reflects—and communicates—our vision of opening access and advancing treatments. That’s important because it helps organizations, individuals, and foundations identify us as potential partners who share a commitment to expanding access to investigational drugs and promoting inclusion in clinical research. [...]

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Do supercentenarians, people who live to 110 years and older, have something special in their genetic code?

Supercentenarians, people who live to 110 years and beyond, are a rare group. What makes them special? A “citizen-scientist” has traveled to meet and gather DNA from these long-lived people to learn what the genetic differences are between this population and the rest of us. Of course, lifestyle and luck have played a part, but [...]

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Could #breastcancer be prevented from spreading to the brain?

For women whose breast cancer metastasizes, the disease is generally incurable. Often, these metastases move to the brain, even further limiting treatment options. A new clinical trial is trying to determine if a medication, temozolomide, could prevent breast cancer from metastasizing to the brain. For more on this study, read this from the National Cancer [...]

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#AntibioticResistance could lead to dangerous outcomes. What can be done to prevent this?

The use, and overuse, of antibiotics is of serious concern in the United States. It is believed that over 80% of prescribed antibiotics are unnecessary, which could lead to antibiotic resistance, possibly leading to a return of the time when simple infections were fatal. To avoid this outcome, it is essential that patients and physicians [...]

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What were the first molecules that led to life on Earth?

Much is speculated and studied about the origins of life on Earth. For decades, scientists have believed that the first molecule that led to living beings was RNA. However, questions have remained about the viability of that theory, as RNA is very complicated and sensitive. New computer modeling suggests that proteins, not RNA were the [...]

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